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Nicky teaches an approach to yoga in which breathing is central to the practise.

 Yoga treats both the mind and the body and by regulating the breath so that it is long, subtle, smooth and even, we can reduce tension and strain during movement, we can learn to listen and be more present in our actions and to bring a sense of steadiness and clarity to the mind. 

Weekly Yoga Classes

Weekly classes are held here at the Kindle Centre _ Mondays 6-7.15pm
In a group class you will be guided through a balanced yoga practice, which will involve working with postures, movement, breathing, meditation and relaxation.
The themes and ideas that you will explore in a group class may inspire your home practise and help to support positive lifestyle choices.
Classes are ideal if you don't have the time or space to do yoga at home. For at least 75 minutes a week you can step back and take some time out for yourself, to focus on the breath, release tension, strengthen the body and bring a sense of steadiness to the mind. 


Biography, Experience, Qualifications

Nicky started practising and studying yoga in 2004 with Jenny Bullough in Clifford near Hay-on-Wye whilst recovering from a short period of ill health. From this therapeutic experience her  interest in all aspects of yoga began to grow and she was introduced to Dave Charlton and Ranju Roy of Sadhana Mala in 2011 who I studied for 5 years. 

Nicky has always been an active person and enjoys using yoga to support other physical activities and pursuits such as walking, running, gardening, swimming, cycling and playing music.  She likes to spend as much time outdoors as she can and over the years has completed several marathons and long-distance bike rides. Yoga has helped her to live more comfortably in her body and to find ways to manage stress and anxiety. As Nicky  continues to study and practise regularly and to teach others she continues to learn more and find inspiration and thats what excites her about being a yoga teacher. 

Over the past 10 years Nicky has worked in a number of different roles, largely in the voluntary sector; as a full time yoga teacher and yoga therapist since 2013, a project manager and a community musician for a community music charity, a youth worker,  an advocate for people with learning disabilities, a music teacher and a support worker.  She has studied music at Nottingham university and Birmingham conservatoire and has taught saxophone, clarinet and songwriting to individuals and groups. In her spare time Nicky enjoys writing and performing her own music and playing in various different groups. Nicky also enjoys all things creative and is interested in well being, ethical living, wildlife, the environment and sustainability.

Yoga qualifications 
  • 2011. Art of Viniyoga  - a six month foundation course 
  • 2011-2013.  Art of Teaching Yoga - a comprehensive two year yoga teacher training course  
  • 2013-2015 . Art of Individual Teaching - a two year training course in the therapeutic application of yoga
  • 2017. Fundamentals of Anatomy, Physiology & Kinesiology for Yoga Teachers  - an 8 day course with David Wilkinson 

All qualifications were awarded by Dave Charlton and Ranju Roy of Sadhana Mala and are endorsed by the Association of Yoga Studies (AYS) As a certified teacher with the Association of Yoga Studies (AYS) I am committed to attending CPD events and investing in my own development as both a student and a teacher.  
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